Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wil's Nursery

I am proud of this room! I had so much fun! It is so rewarding to design a room on a tiny budget! There are more pictures here and where I got everything! I hope you like it as much as I do! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

William's 2 month Check up!

This little chunk is huge! 
At his two month check up he is 
Length: 25 inches 99.7th percentile 
Weight: 14.4 lb. (the nurse entered the wrong weight so I don't know the percentile) 
Head Circumference: 16 inches 89th Percentile 
He rolled from his tummy to his back at 5 weeks old and does it regularly at each tummy time session
He sleeps anywhere from 8-10 hours straight at night! I am a lucky mamma! 
He only takes naps while I am holding him, not a fan of that. Trying to teach him to sleep in his crib other than at night. 
I am reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, M.D. and I am liking it a lot! It's helping me understand what he needs in the sleep department. 
Wil is finding his hands and loving to suck on them! 
He is currently wearing 6 month size onsies because he is so tall, the smaller sizes wont snap over his diaper. 
I love my little chunk! 

End of Summer 2012

Here are a few pictures of our summer! Most of them are instagram pictures so I apologize if someone of you are seeing repeats of the pictures. 

I love my chubby Asian baby! 

He LOVES ceiling fans! It is so fun to watch him light up when he finally notices it!  

One day Wil was rather upset with me because we had been running so many errands. He was sick of his hot carseat and was so hungry! I took this picture and the fed him! 
This picture was taken about 20 mins later! Much happier with me! ;) 

Again, happy Asian baby!  
We spent lots of days at the swimming pool! He was a champ!  

On one of the last days we went swimming I decided I would stick him in the water to see what his reaction would be.
This is me being immature and giving him a plumbers crack! :) 

He was NOT happy with the water. 
 Or me giving him a big giant smooch 
 I don't think he liked the sun in his face either! 
 It's ok buddy, next summer you will absolutely love the swimming pool! 

This is Russ making him dance! He loves his legs wiggled! 

I had to say goodbye to one of my very best friends Jen this month! :( She moved to Texas so her Husband can get a grown up job! I love you and miss you Jenny! 

Hanging out with cousin Sawyer and Grandpa Shawcroft 

My aunt Sheri introduced me to Zulily and it is so wonderful it's dangerous! I spend way too much time on it! If you have kids or are pregnant they have great deals! 

We got to babysit the Smith girls over the weekend and it was so fun! It is defiantly an adjustment going from a mom of one to a mom of 3! It was a blast though! And the girls just love him! It helps that their baby brother is only 9 days younger then Wil so they are used to the newborn thing! We had a blast! 

This is Russ talking to Wil! He is seriously such a happy kid! 

Russell and I got to go to the first BYU Game! It was a lot of fun! 

This is the ONLY way he will take a good nap! It is starting to drive me CRAZY! I love the cozy time I get but I am starting to need some more freedom through out the day! Time to teach him to sleep in his crib! 

I saved my pennies and bought myself a Vitamix blender! I am in love with it! My mom has one and so I was very set on getting a VitaMix and not a cheapo blender! Now I get to do lots of yummy green smoothies! I'm in heaven! 

Shawcroft Family Pictures

Russell came up with the genius idea to give family pictures to his parents for Mother's and Father's day. This year we added 2 new babies to the family and Gene and Alison's youngest is going on a mission in October so we figured it was the perfect time for a family session! I called up my friend Jessie and she was totally up to the challenge. I love how they turned out! It's been so fun having so many pictures done in the last couple months! I am a huge fan! Thanks Jessie! 

Russell's little brother Nelson  

Russell's older sister Lindsay  

Russell's older brother's family Cam, Crystal, Maliyah, Sawyer  

Russell's mom, Alison with Wil  
The whole fam 

All the grandkids!  

William's Blessing

We blessed William in my parents ward and had everyone over for brunch after. It was such a wonderful day and Russ did so good on the blessing. It is so weird for me to be doing things like blessing and Doctor visits. It still hasn't set in that I am a mom! I am loving every minute of it though! This day would not have been nearly as good with out all my mom's help! And help from my sisters! I am so lucky to have the help and support from so many people! Thanks everyone! 

We had a waffle bar

And my sisters cute owls! I love how the decorations turned out!  

I am sorry Tim! I had to post this! It makes me so happy!  

My sister with Wil.  

A few of my cousins

My cousin Charlene, my Grandma Griffiths, and my Aunt Michelle  

Russell's Sister Lindsey and SIL Crystal and her two daughters Sawyer and Maliyah

Our awesome friends! Thanks for coming guys!

Most of Russell's Family!

A big chunk of my family! I am so glad so many people were able to come!  

Us :) Happy one second

Pissed the next! ;)  

My mom and I had so much fun picking out Wil's blessing outfit! I love how he looks like a miniature old man!
I love the look Wil is giving me!