365 Days of William

 As January 2013 approached I was brain storming about my new year resolutions. I didn't want to do the regular resolutions like eating healthy, swearing less, reading scriptures, eating out less (although I am trying to be better at all of those things). I wanted something to motivate me and something to be excited about, all year! I realized I was pretty obsessed with taking pictures of my William and I decided that I needed to take more pictures with my "real" camera and less pictures with my phone camera. I decided I was going to take a picture a day of my William for one year. It is a challenge but I am loving it so far! The images I am taking the time to capture are priceless for me and even if I give up on my resolution before the year is up, It already has been worth every day! I'm not stopping any time soon though! So enjoy a few, or LOTS of shots of my crazy kid!

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  1. These are the best pictures! Oh Lizzy he is SO cute!