Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Catch Up & Egg Dying

Here a few more pages of my maternity book!

Russ and I colored eggs with my sister and her family. It was a lot of fun. This is my niece Taylor with one of her eggs.
And my other niece Aubrey with one of her eggs. :)

We decided to have egg wars with the eggs I made with the baby names on them to see what we should name our baby. I think in the end the egg with Tanner on it won everything. That still doesn't mean I'm picking tanner as his name. I wish it was that easy for me :)

And I thought this would entertain a few people. I think it's hilarious. Enjoy!

March Update!

March turned out to be quite the month! My baby sister got married! It still seems so unreal! I am so happy for her though. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Treu! (pronounced True) ;)
Russell and I took a quick weekend trip to St. George with our friends Charlotte and Matt. It was a great weekend of relaxing and eating out :)
Don't mess with the pregnant lady :)

This pregnancy I have had very few cravings. Usually I've had NO appetite but one day Strawberries sounded good. Thank goodness Costco sells strawberries that are on steroids! They were just as tasty as my mind made them sound.
One thing I don't think I could live with out while being pregnant is my bath tub. I take a bath EVERY-SINGLE-NIGHT. By the end of the day I start to feel rather uncomfortable and sitting in the bath is the only time I truly feel comfortable. If I could, I would sleep in there every night!
One day I woke up to this text message from Russ. This is a regular thing for us. I am asleep when he leaves for work so if there is anything he needs to ask me he just sends me a text and I give him a call when I am awake. So I called him thinking he would tell me he was staying late at work or he needed me to bring him something.
It wasn't quite that simple. He actually had gotten hit on the scooter while driving to work that morning! I sat right up and asked if he was ok and what had happened. I hope my drawing can give a better visual to what happened :) When you are getting in the freeway at Center St. in Provo the lane ALWAYS gets backed up and people think they can be sneaky and get in the left turn only lane and cut off the people going straight and get on the freeway faster. Well Russ actually turns left in the left turn only lane. This time some girl( that I am sure is a sweetheart in real life but for this story I will call her dumb) thought she would be sneaky and got in the left lane as Russ was driving up to the light. He honked and swerved and still got hit. The scooter slid and he hopped up and it started just fine. He was wearing his helmet (that doesn't have one scratch on it still) and because it was a cold day (thank goodness!) long pants and a jacket and gloves.
He got a few scratches but the one on his knee is the worst of it. He was most mad about the hole it tore in the jeans he was wearing that day. But don't doubt that he lived up the drama of "I am emotionally unstable, I was hit by a car" for the entire week following. :) Gotta love his humor.
The scoot scoot got pretty scratched and dumb girl (sweet girl in real life) is paying to have it all fixed. I am so grateful it wasn't worse!
Last but defiantly not least, Russell's brother and sister-in-law had their second baby girl! She is so darling and makes me very VERY antsy to meet my little babe!