Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our First Post (not really)

I have had a blog (for photography) for almost 4 years now. Russell and I were married in January 2011 and I figure it's finally time I start a personal blog as well. Really it's for me to feel better about not writing in a journal as often as I should. Hopefully on here I am more likely to record the events in our life. Russell is currently at BYU working to get his business degree and I am a part time nanny babysister. (Nanny implies that I take care of the children more than their parents do, and this is far from true. They are fabulous parents and I hope I can be a least half the mother she is to my own children some day! :) Russell works for the company KT Tape and he says he enjoys it. I believe him. We are living in a tiny little apartment above my parents garage and we love it here. One of these days I will post pictures of all the fun things we are doing to decorate it. Ikea has received a large amount of our paychecks over the last few months though. I love it here. I think Russ does too.