Monday, September 30, 2013

William turns 1!

I can not believe I have a 1 Year old! I am blown away at how the time disappears! I feel like it was just yesterday that we were bring him home from the hospital! 

And now we have a wild child! 

 I wouldn't have it any other way! 
His stats at his one year appointment were. 

Weight: 27.25 pounds   98.78%tile 
Height 31.89 inches  98.33%tile 
Head cir. 18.31 inches  62.6%tile 

So he is big but everyone already knows that! :) at 12 months he can: 

Pull up and walk along furniture 
jabber in his own language 
read books very fast (he likes to turn the pages as fast as he can) 
Taking 2 naps still. One at 10am and another at 3pm 
Sleeping from 7pm-5:30am (way too early for us) 
clap lots 

He can say: 
"da"- Dada 
"do"- Dog 
Please in sign language 

His favorite things are: 
Diet coke-Don't judge me
his blanket (mostly just the tag on the blanket) 
His binki 
his hats (most his red gap baseball hat) 
his shoes, any shoes 
Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 

Favorite things to eat: 
fruit smoothies 
chicken nuggets 
greek yogurt 


On the day of his birthday we made him his favorite breakfast 

Blueberry pancakes and a green smoothie! 

After his nap my parents took him out to pick his birthday present. This is a tradition they started years ago with their older grandkids. 

They decided to let him pick which one he wanted. 

Obviously Mickey won. 

It was a wonderful day! I can't believe how much as changed in only one year! I love you with all my heart Wil-man! 

We threw him a wonderful birthday party but I will do that in it's own post! 

Shawcroft Family San Diego Trip

Russell's dad took us all on a family trip this June and it was a blast! Be prepared for many more pictures than words!  

The 10 hr car ride to CA. LOONNNNNGGGGG! 

We made it to Coronado Island! So beautiful! 

Our first day we went to the zoo! 

First time on the beach. Not a fan. 

He LOVED the water though! 


Wil using Crystal's hair as handlebars. 


Janeen and Maly 

Then we did seaworld!

Wil did not care for the dolphin show. It was nap time too so lots of crying happened there. 

Russ was such a good sport. Everytime Wil would fall asleep he would keep walking to keep him asleep! 

Wil loved Shamu! 

I love this of all the grandkids just mesmerized! 

The whole gang! 

Maly smelling the flower. 

Russell's dad had never eaten a funnel cake before. So delicious!  

Every time we would put Wil on Russell's shoulders he would lean over and smack a big kiss on his cheek! So dang cute!  

Wil dancing with his cousins! He was born with music in his bones!  

He learned to use a straw. Such a wonderful milestone! 

Riding with cousins! 

Petting the goats at the animal safari! 

Feeding the birds. This was definitely a highlight for everyone! 

Safari Tram ride! 

We wore him right out! 

Random bikes that were in the shed of the house we stayed at! 

Sawyer being shy 

  And not so shy for the camera 

Wil and Sawyer are 3 months apart! 

Flying home! He LOVED being tied onto the rolling suitcase! 


For 2 seconds! Unlike his daddy! Moments after this picture we had REALLY bad turbulance. Russ threw up on the first flight and Wil threw up on the second flight. EVERYWHERE. Me being the mom of the year and all, I failed to pack a second outfit. So we buckled him in with his diaper on and got all the attention we could wish for. Worst flying experience to date. 

He was so tired from the whole trip that he passed out within 15 mins of being in the car. We got home and he slept the rest of the night! Yay for fun vacations!