Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Crib!

It's offical, we have a crib...very sureal. Every time I catch a glimpse into the nursery I always have to take a second look and take in what it will be like to have a little person living in there. :) I can't wait!

We got our crib from Walmart. I originally wanted this one, but decided I would save a few HUNDRED dollars and get this one instead and I couldn't be happier with saving my pennies and finding something I still really like. :)
I enjoyed sitting while Russ put the entire thing together by himself. I helped a little but he did all the hard stuff.

Proud of his work :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feb. Update

The last week in January Russell had the opportunity to travel to China for his job! He got to visit all the factories where they make the tape and paper and adhesive for all of KT Tape. He had a lot of fun. I would have been very sad with out Skype! I was happy we still got to talk to each other even though he was so far away.

For Valentine's day we decided to save a little money and make dinner at home together. It wasn't anything special. We bought steaks and went to Farr's for ice cream and then watched Money Ball. It was a great day.

The last few weeks we have been spending time budgeting for baby and planning what we need to purchase. (Basically everything) We decided to go to Ikea on the hunt for a dresser. We found one that we think will work great! I can't wait!

Russ putting the dresser together! :)
All put together! The nursery is all coming together! I will do a post on everything once it is all the way done!
Then my fabulous friend Jen put together a breakfast for all of our friends to get together and catch up on each of our lives! It was way fun! We were sad that a few of our friends couldn't make it! Gotta love growing up and staying in touch with all our high school buddies!
Last but not least here are the latest pages of my maternity book! I love how it's coming together! I can't wait to see it all put together and on paper!