Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our first apartment...

Despite the copper colored carpet, the ants, the toilet that doesn't quite flush right, the non-existent bathroom counter, the hard as concrete walls, and the three day wait for cable and Internet, I'm happy to call this place home for the next chapter of our lives. Now we will have a room for baby and a place for a kitchen table. (along with more bills to pay) We couldn't be happier! I will post pictures as soon as I find a way to hang pictures on our crumbling concrete walls! Happy new year everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Book

Ok we all now know, I am no good at posting on my personal blog! I will get better! I promise! (New Year's resolution!)

Well everyone, or almost everyone knows we are expecting our first baby on June 26th of 2012! We are so excited! I have been working on a baby book to keep some sort of journal of my pregnancy. ( I am hating that my mom didn't do anything like this! I am needing her opinion and she doesn't remember anything about her pregnancies!) Hopefully my girls will be grateful I've done this one day. If not, I will enjoy it :) I got the idea from Hanna Mac but all the images and designs are mine :)