Wednesday, October 19, 2011

72 hr kits

The last few weeks Russell and I have decided we should probably put together our 72 hr kits. Did you know there are 6,345,456,983,235 lists online to help you put your 72 hr kit together? Ok so I kind of just made that number up but, seriously there are a ton! There are so many that we had to remind ourselves to narrow it down a bit. This is our near end result.
We got:
Bungee cords
Battery powered phone charger
Battery powered clock w/extra batteries
Small flashlight w/ extra batteries
Work gloves
Wet wipes
Contact solution
Extra pair of contacts
Feminine hygiene
Toilet paper
Duct tape
First aid kit
Small blanket
Trail mix
Granola bars
Case of water(we plan to just keep that in the trunks of my car)
$$(not too much)
Change of clothes for each of us

We spent probably close to $100 putting these together. We will load everything into two backpacks we can both easily carry. We are also going to go through them every conference weekend and replace anything that has expired.

Feeling very prepared :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Summer Activities

This summer was a blast! The highlight was definitely going to California!
We went to a San Diego Padres game and Russell was like a little kid in a candy store! It was fun seeing him like that!

We also go the chance to go to the Tim McGraw concert!
He was seriously an arms length away from us! It was so sweet! Check out those arms! Mmmm! :)

We also got the opportunity to watch the little girls I babysit for 10 days while their parents were in Greece! I had a blast! I'm not sure how Russ felt about being a temporary parent but I loved it!