Wednesday, May 23, 2012

April & May Update

Russell and I, well mostly me, really wanted to go on one last trip together before baby got here. We both wanted to go somewhere warm so we decided we would go to Las Vegas. It was cheaper than Mexico and it was nice and toasty. :) 
 Laying out at the pool. 
 Eating all you can eat crab legs. So frustrating to eat crab with out one of those tiny forks to dig all the meat out. 
 In the Forum Shops there is a restaurant called Max Brenner. He specializes in chocolate desserts so we decided we would eat dinner to share and save lots of room for a yummy dessert. These were some serious fish tacos but man they were sooooo tasty! 
 Then we got chocolate fondue! So yummy! 
 Walking on the strip
 We stayed at the Flamingo. 
 Russ has never been to the Hoover Dam and I haven't seen it since they finished the bridge. So we decided we would take a detour before we drove home. 

 A few weeks later Russ and I got to play "Mom and Dad" and watched the girls I nanny for a few days while their parents went to Mexico. I have so much fun with these two! 
 This is Amelia. I decided I would try french braiding her hair. It turned out so dang cute! I don't know what I am going to do with a boy! I will just grow his hair out and dress him up :) Totally kidding! 
 We got sushi with Sheri and Sophie one afternoon and Savvy was braved enough to try a bite of Tuna Tataki. She didn't like it but at least she tried it. 
 I had to get proof that they both were eating their dinner! It was a miracle!
 The last day before their parents came home. We decided we would take them to the Zoo with my nieces. It was a lot of fun. The news was there so we got to see them feeding the elephants and alligators. It was very entertaining. 
 Then came mother's day. I knew Russ had something up his sleeve but I had no idea what it was. Since last year I have been wanting a sewing machine. I always have to use my moms and I thought I might get one for Christmas. I didn't. I wasn't too sad about it. I just figured maybe I would get one next year. Nope, Russ completely surprised me and got it for me for Mother's Day! I am so excited to use it! 
 We made breakfast for my mom for Mother's Day. It was fun to have the family all come visit while my dad was in town for a little bit. 
 I decided I would make a crib sheet as my first project with my new sewing machine. It was actually pretty easy! I will defiantly make more in the future. 
 His crib is all ready for him! :) Now we just need baby here to sleep in it :) 
 My sisters threw me a baby shower and it was so dang cute! I am so grateful for all they do for me! 
 stinking cute lemonade stand 
 we voted for names for baby. I think Sterling ended up being the most popular. (That doesn't mean that's what we are naming him :) 

 Me and my niece Aubrey 
 I'm not a big fan of opening presents in front of everyone. But I am still so appreciative of everything we got! We are so loved! 
 My mother and sister in law
 My Grandma 
Here are the newest pages of my maternity book