Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day weekend was such a blast! 

We visited Russell's mom's grave on Sunday evening.  

On Monday we invited Russell's family and some of my family over for a BBQ! I had an hair apt on Monday afternoon so Russ literally did EVERYTHING for the BBQ! I got home in time to put Wil down for a nap and then everyone showed up! He cooked, cleaned, repaired a leaky sink AND babysat! He seriously didn't not sit down once all day long! I am so spoiled with him!! 

Russell's Aunt Shannon and Grandparents, Jo & Glen! 

We went to the pool later, it was way too cold for me but Wil and Russ enjoyed it! 

Mother's Day

Mother's Day  was an interesting day! 
We drove home from St. George and got home just in time to talk to Russell's little brother on his mission in Brazil! It was so good to cuddle with my baby! My sister Jen came down to watch him for me while we were in St. George! I can honestly say, I did not worry ONCE about him! I love that I have such awesome family! I sure missed him though!

Then we had dinner with my family! My sister made an awesome dinner for everyone!!  

After dinner we were able to get a better connection with Russell's brother so we got to talk again! 

Wil was being a goof ball!

Because we were out of town for the weekend, Russ didn't have any time to buy a Mother's day gift last minute for me ;) So we went out a couple days later and bought pretty flowers to plant in pots on our patio! I LOVE how they turned out and I couldn't have asked for a better Husband and I am grateful every day that he gave me the honor of being a mother to his baby boy!! 

 I have tried putting Wil in the swings maybe 3 times now and he HATES it every time! He cries and reaches for me from the moment I set him down! One day he will appreciate the blissfulness of a swing! For now I will just cuddle him! :) 

May Days

These last few weeks have been so much fun! 

Russell finished his first Half Marathon on May 4th and finished it in 2:07! I was so impressed! His goal was 2:30 so he killed it!!! He is such a cheap wad and wont buy himself new running shoes. Well after running the race in crappy shoes and KILLING his feet he has agreed to buy some new running shoes! It was fun! I was very jealous! Originally we planned to run it together but then I was having problems with my jaw so he decided to go it alone! Maybe we will run one together at the end of the summer! 

We ran into Mayor Curtis at the finish line! 

Sheri and I decided to take on the neglected garden in my mom's back yard! It wasn't much work at all and I am so excited to see if what we planted actually survives! 
We planted 3 types of tomatoes and 4 types of cherry tomatoes and tomatillos! We also planted squash, lettuce, cilantro, bell peppers, and green onions! Bring on the homemade salsa! 

My dad has been home for a few months and his has been so fun to see him and Wil spend time together! Wil is obsessed with him and cries almost every time my dad leaves the room!

Russ and I took our first vacation with out Wil! We went to St. George for a weekend for our good friend, Kirk's wedding! It was such a fun chill weekend! Warm too! We even found a  little laying at the pool time! Jen came to Utah for the wedding so we car pooled to St. George and got to spend some time with her! It was such a fun weekend! 

The girls hanging out before we headed to St. George!

Saying goodbye to my chub!

                                Mr. & Mrs. Robison!                                          All the guys! 

Kirk and Alex's reception was so beautiful!

They did a lantern send off! Way fun! 

Wil just realized he has a GIANT stuffed bear in his room for decoration. He loves the thing! After every nap I go to get him from his crib he scurries over to the edge of his crib where the bear sits in the corner and reaches as far as he can to touch the bear! It is hilarious! He cozies the bear and gives him kisses better than anyone else! I wish he would give me kisses that often! 

I finally got a him to do "So big" on video!!! I love this kid so much!

He is also doing this thing when he gets excited! He freaks out kicking and flailing! It is hilarious! Until he punches you in the face with excitement!

We recently inherited a beautiful big black bed from my cousin! It was such a process to actually get it to our house but man I am in love!

Wil has been obsessed lately with these dumb plastic eggs from easter! He gets half of one and stuffs the entire thing into his mouth! It is quite hilarious! He screams behind the egg and its all muffled. Pretty entertaining! The egg doesn't make me nervous because I could get it out very easy if he started to choke. But he will find ANYTHING that BARELY fits into his mouth and stuff it in there and scream behind it! It is so funny but I hate it! His new favorite is a ping pong ball! That one was so funny but I took it away quickly! I am so nervous about him not being able to cough it out! He is crazy and I am terrified for when he can walk, which will be any week now! He cruises along all the furniture and anything he can pull himself up with! He's even getting brave enough to just stand and balance with out holding anything! 

...And apparently he wears his blue stripped shirt a lot! ;)