Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dead of Winter

I am playing catch up big time with our blog. Christmas and New Years flew by and before I knew it, I was a good 4 months behind on my posts! I hate getting behind. It seriously is the most overwhelming feeling ever! In anything, posting on my blog, editing pictures, laundry, cleaning, everything! So here I am catching up quick and summing up our dead of winter into one big post!

Fist off, William had his 6 month check up! He is still huge, if you can't tell by just looking at him.

6 Months old! 

His weight was 21.03lbs 93.98%tile 
His heighth was 28.5 inches 97.45%tile
His head is 17.51in 77.52% 

So the only normal sized thing he has is his head! :) 

I love carrying around my big lug though! He seriously is getting to be so much fun!

We are a week away from his 9 month check up now and he is learning lots of new things!

He can wave, give you high five, and he gives the BEST kisses! He is so close to clapping but thats still probably a few weeks away. When he gets really excited he gets close but thats rare. We have to "Patty Cake" on speed because he hates it when I hold his arms to show him how to clap. Its pretty hilarious! He thinks its funny when I sing it on high speed too!

I am adjusting to being a mom and staying home most of my days. It is a hard adjustment. I never gave my mom the credit she deserved for doing everything she did for so many kids! She seriously is so amazing for all she did for us!

My new year's resolution was to use my "real" camera more when it comes to my personal family pictures. I use it regularly for photography obviously but when it comes to taking pictures of my family I am HORRIBLE and picking it up and taking a couple quick shots that have a decent resolution and that I can print and use in my home. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that my Iphone allows me to taking a picture whenever we are somewhere with out my camera but I know I am going to want those good quality images of my family! So to make myself use my camera more, I decieded I would take a picture of William every day for a year with my good camera! I have missed a few days and if I do, I don't let it discourage me, I just take one the next day and keep going! I am loving the moments I am capturing of him! You can look at the pictures here! 

Well that is all for now! We have a fun summer planned and I am going to do better about posting regularly so I don't get behind and overwhelmed!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Christmas 2012 & New Years 2013

I love the holidays! This year we decided we would start a few traditions. Other traditions we will start in a few years when William is old enough to understand things a little better. One tradition that was one of my very favorites to do growing up was go to 
Park City for the day and walk up and down Main Street and buy an ornament for the Christmas tree. Everyone got to pick out an ornament for themselves and it was always so fun to see what everyone would pick! Some were so predictable and others were so random! Good times! I love that we have started doing this for our little family. 

This was Wil's first time sitting in a high chair! He struggled a little so we stuffed it full of blankets and coats to help him hold himself up! 

I threw a pretty pathetic cookie exchange party when Jen and Tim came out to visit! It was fun! The cookies were great! The turn out, not so much!  

I love doing random shoots with my kiddo! 

 Russell's work threw their company Christmas party at Tucano's! Delicious! 

Wil learned how to roll away from his toys! He got freaky fast at moving! 

We left Wil home and went to Park City with Matt and Char for the night! Ate out and went hot tubing! So wonderful! Such a fun night! 

Most of the Peterson Grandkids waiting to open their presents!  

William on Christmas Eve! I got daring and sewed pajama pants for him, Russ, and me! 

Santa visited Wil and spoiled him rotten! ;) 

We got to skype Russell's little brother Nelson. He is serving his mission in Brazil! 

William turned 6 months old!!! 

He learned out to roll but couldn't really control his body enough to make himself comfortable when he was sleeping. We let him sleep in his changing pad to keep him from rolling over and waking himself up. 

I felt like I lived in an igloo with all the snow we got! 

And Russell became a pro at shoveling snow! 

Wil had the WORST blow out EVER! I just ended up in the shower with him! So gross! 

One of my bestest friends, Nicole came to visit and a few friends threw her a baby shower! She is due in March! Can't wait! She is also having a little boy!

Wil plays with his binki more than he sucks on it! 

Matt decided Wil needed a hat with his outfit! 

Before Jen had to head back to Texas all the girls got together for a quick lunch! So fun to catch up and spend some quality time with everyone! Life is taking us in so many directions! I love that we all still have each other! 

We stayed awake for New Years for the first time in probably 3 years! We got our New Years kiss and then went to bed! 

We payed off our kid! Probably a highlight of my year! (even if it was in the first two weeks of the year) 

Wil had his first formula bottle! I was expecting quite the fight and he took one look at it and then kept drinking it down!