Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pictures with Yan & The drive to La Jara CO

One day I was scrolling through my facebook and sure enough a beautiful little add for mini sessions with Yan Palmer popped up! Before even checking the day or time or anything I snatched one up and had it paid in full 2 mins later! I then called Russ and told him. He patiently reminded me that we were leaving for La Jara, CO to visit his dad's family that weekend! I told him he didn't have to be in the pictures and he immediately accepted that we could leave for CO after my session. I didn't really have a choice but I decided to do a mommy and me session with Wil and it was pure bliss! Wil was so well behaved and everything went so smoothly! I still don't have my pictures back yet, but you can bet I will plaster them everywhere the second I get them!!! 

The second we got in the car for Colorado Wil was passed out! 

We were not complaining!  He really is such a happy and content kid! It makes it easy on us! 

Our beautiful drive! 

Riding the tractor on the farm! We did the 24th of July festivities and come home just a day later. It was a very quick trip but I am glad I finally got to meet everyone and see where Russell's Dad grew up! 

The freeway was closed on the drive home! At least Wil was sleeping! 

Praying that the Ipad wouldn't die the last hour of the drive! (It died, we survived! :) 

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