Tuesday, October 1, 2013


August was full of friends, swimming, and fun!!! 

Wil crawls with his forhead smashed on the ground! It is hilarious! My sister Jen got to stay with us for the majority of the summer! It was such a blast having her here with us for so long! 

We finally made it to Seven Peaks 

And road frontrunner! 

I got to go on lunch dates with my wonderful friends! 

My sweet niece Macey had heart surgery to repair her heart valve. She is such a trooper! 

We had lots of pool days with lots of friends! 


The garden I planted with Sheri was very plentiful! Almost too much! Gotta love them tomatoes! 

William's babysitter Tanya got married! So beautiful! 


 Then Russ let me go visit Jen for the weekend! I was so nice to have a quick break and get to spend some time with her! Since it had been a whole week since we had seen each other I was experiencing serious withdrawals. 

We made yummy salsa from all my tomatoes 

Watched movies and even wore  matching outfits! (on accident!) 

She is such a babe! 

I came home and my baby had turned into a toddler! He's HUGE! 
My niece aubrey had her bday! 

Loved hanging out with my main man all week long! 

A crazy storm came in! It was amazing! 

I was not ready to come home! I was very excited to see Wil though! 

Me and Cyndi, my sister! 

My baby sister, Alicia and her Husband watched Wil for us the entire week! Wil loves this woman almost as much as me I think! 

William's obsession with hats continued! 

I finally tried out the new Provo Rec Center! Very fun! 

I got to go on a lunch date with Leo and Nicole before they moved away from me yet again! I miss this little face! And Nicole's too! 

Both of our boys were so confused why we were all scrunched together! 

Wil had his first icecream cone! He LOOOOVED it! 

I seriously love him so much! 

We inherited this DARLING firetruck from Russell's stepmom and we have a love hate relationship with it. 

Wil LOVES playing in it but he is ALWAYS getting stuck! 

We tried a new taco place in provo! 180 Tacos! Delicious! 

Hung out with my nieces. 

Hung out naked a little :) 

Finally got to try Beyond Glazed! DELISH! 

Wil can escape! 

Sometimes gets stuck outside! 

Watched a movie from start to finish for the first time! 

Soaked up every pool day we could! 

Not happy about summer ending! 

Got our BYU football gear ready! 

Had a few spontaneous splash pad experience! 

It seriously was such a wonderful summer! I am so sad to see it go!!! Now on to fall and sweaters and birthdays and christmas! ;) 

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