Thursday, October 3, 2013

William 15 Months!

I can't believe I already have a 15 month old! He has so much personality! Everyday gets better and better! I am madly in love with the little person! I never thought I could feel this much for a person! I love being a mom! I''m not saying it is easy, I am just saying it is awesome! 

At Wil's 15 month check up his stats were 

Weight 27.76  96.38%tile (this is the first apt since he was born that he didn't gain weight!) 
Height 33.15  97.39%tile He's getting tall!!!! Thats 2 inches in 2 months!!! 
Head Cir. 18.62in  63.89%tile 

At 15 months Wil can 

Walk (more like run, all the time) 
Bend over and picks up a toy and runs off 
Loves playing chase (only when we chase him) 
LOVES getting startled! Funniest thing ever to see him jump and just bust out laughing! 
He know's what a sheep, and lion say. The lion roar is very feminine sounding! It is hilarious! I will get a video of it for sure! 
He can do patty cakes (most just the mark it and toss it parts) 
He can point to his nose, eyes, and ears and tongue 
Shakes his head to say no to EVERY question I ask him. 
"Snaps" his fingers along to the song Royales by Lorde
Has one molar, not fun cutting teeth! :( (total of 9 teeth now!)

He can say 
mpa- Grandpa 
grm- Grandma 
da- Dog 

He can sign 

His favorite things 
Still diet coke... :S (we seriously have to hide our drinks or he gets so mad) 
Chobani Yogurt 
Peanut butter and Honey Sandwiches 
shoes- he always has at least one on 
hats, blanket tag, and binki 
LOVES our key to the Nissan Altima we drive 
 Dances whenever he hears any kind of music
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Loves talking on the phone when I am talking to someone. He wants to hear them say hi. Smiles and runs away. Then comes back begging to do it again! 
He LOVES sitting on my dad's ridding lawn mower! He ALWAYS cries when we take him off. 

Wil is becoming the most tender hearted little boy. He is always happy and always dancing or clapping. If he is playing on his own he will run up to me, or whoever is in the room and barrel into their lap and just cuddle for a few seconds! He loves to cozy with his blanket tag and binki. I can say almost anything to him and he understand most of it. He is very good and "finding his blanket" or "shutting the door" I am amazed every single day that this wonderful person came from me. He has such a wonderful way of making everyone around him (even strangers) feel loved and important. He is best friends with his dad and Grandpa Peterson. He knows my mom will give him anything he wants so she is FAVORITE person to go to. I can't image my life with out him! He is such a ball of life and personality! I can't wait to see who he becomes! 

I hate that these moments of him falling asleep in my arms are getting fewer and fewer. 

Talking on the phone all the time!  

Russ will hate me for this but I love both of their bellies hanging out!

Playing with flour. Hat and shoes and binki ready to go nowhere :) He has been sick for the last 3 weeks and is FINALLY getting better! So happy that is over! Now if he could have just been born with teeth. 

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